Phở ~ Noodle soups

Noodle soups are served with fresh bean sprouts, lime, chili, and purple basil. Select from the following:

Phở gà ~ Chicken pho
Phở đậu hủ ~ Fried tofu pho (meat base broth)
Phở tái ~ Rare beef pho
Phở chín nạm ~ Well done beef pho
Phở bò viên ~ Beef meatball pho
Phở tái gân ~ Rare beef with tendon pho
Phở chín gân ~ Well done beef with tendon pho
Phở chín sách ~ Well done beef and tripe pho
Phở tái sách ~ Rare beef and tripe pho
Phở gân sách ~ Tendon and tripe pho

Lunch: (S)7.25  (L)8.50
Dinner: (S)7.75  (L)9
Extra noodles, meat, soup, or meatballs are $2 each.

Phở Đặc biệt ~ Pho special
Rice noodle soup served with rare and well done beef. (s)8.50 (L)9.95 lunch / (s)8.50 (L)9.95 dinner

Phở không thịt ~ Plain pho
Rice noodle soup served without meat. (s)6.50 (L)7.95 / (s)6.50 (L)7.95 

Bò viên ~ Beef meatball (no noodles)
Beef meatball soup without noodle. 7 /