Hải sản - Seafood

Cá kho tô n ướ c d ừ a ~ Braised fish pot
Catfish filet braised with fresh coconut juice. 13.95 dinner

Nghêu kho tộ nước dừa ~ Braised clam pot
Clam meat braised with fresh coconut juice. 13.95 

Cà ri tôm ~ Coconut curry prawns
Shelled prawns, coconut milk, potato, and sweet potato in curry broth served with fresh lime and chili salt. 17 

Cá chưng tương ~ Lily blossom halibut
Steamed halibut in whole soybean sauce, fresh shiitake mushroom, fresh oyster mushroom, straw mushroom, black mushroom, dried lily blossoms, green onion, and clear vermicelli noodles. 20.95 

Cá hồng chiên xả ớt ~ Pink snapper chili lemongrass
Fresh pink snapper pan-fried with fresh chili lemongrass served with green mango fish sauce. Popular dish from our "An evening on Mekong Delta" wine pairing – 2007 20.95 

Tôm ram thịt heo ~ Braised prawns black pepper pork
Pacific prawns braised with pork flank in hand crushed black pepper. 18.95 

Tôm ram khô ~ Braised pink prawns
Shelled Pacific prawns in prawn’s cream and onion, garlic, plus pepper. 18.95 

Bắp cải nhồi chạo tôm ~ Napa cabbage stuffed prawn mousse
Fresh Napa cabbage stuffed with Pacific prawn mousse served in fresh garlic tomato sauce topped with purple basil. 19.95 

Ch ả c á Thang Long ~ Thang Long yellow fish
Turmeric seasoned catfish filet with rice cracker, roasted peanut, roasted peanut, fresh vegetable, and herbs served with shrimp paste sauce. 19.95