Canh - Soup

Canh chay ~ Pagoda garden soup
Chayote, carrot, shiitake mushroom, and fried tofu in vegetarian broth topped with green onion. 13.95 dinner

Canh kiêm ~ Coconut treasure soup
Fresh coconut milk in vegetarian broth, fresh peanut, sweet potato, ear wood black mushroom, tapioca, and banana. 13.95 

Canh khoai mở tôm tươi ~ Purple potato prawn soup
Tropical purple potato root and crushed Pacific prawns topped with ngo-om herbs and black pepper. 15.95 

Canh ca bung ~ Spicy mint eggplant soup
Asian green eggplant, fresh tomato, pork flank, Pacific prawns, fried tofu topped with spicy mint. 15.95 

Canh chua Cây Me ~ Tamarind Tree soup
Fresh pineapple, bean sprouts, fresh tomato, and bac ha in seafood-tamarind broth topped with ngo-om herb, and Vietnamese basil.  Choice of catfish filet, shelled prawns, scallops, or combination. 17.50 

Canh chua thi la ca chien ~ Halibut tomato dill soup
Pan fried fresh halibut filet and fresh tomato in light broth topped with fresh dill and green onion. 17.50 

Canh ngot ~ Halibut lime soup
Pan fried fresh halibut filet with fresh tomato and Vietnamese celery in fresh squeezed lime soup topped with ngo-om, fresh Vietnamese celery, green onion, and purple basil. 17.50